Le Brevent – Chamonix – Rock Climbing

Le Brevent – Chamonix – Rock Climbing

Rune Hardersen, Rock Climbing at Planpraz, Chamonix, June 2018
Hi Rob,
Thanks for a great day in the mountains! I really enjoyed it – much thank to a professional guide and good talks. I´ll Get in contact the next time i come down here – to plan a trip in the bigger mountains.
BR Rune H.
Chamonix Rock Climbing With Mont Blanc Beyond
Climb Mont Blanc & Weissmeis

Climb Mont Blanc & Weissmeis

John Harrisson, Damian Kinney & Jon Temple, June 2018

Thanks for the experience, Tim and Thor were absolutely fabulous. It was definitely a much more enjoyable experience than my first trip up, must have been the great company…. For some reason I am a bit jaded this week.

I would just like to concur what John has said and express my thanks to Tim and Thor for making the trip a fantastic experience. When the planets align in the solar system and the wife grants it, I would really like to attempt to climb the Matterhorn!

Mont Blanc Summit Guide
Team Shrewsbury Pompiers On The Summit Of Mont Blanc. Good conditions in late June 2018

Thanks Rob an absolutely superb week in the cracking company of Tim and Thor!

Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering

Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering

Liz Gill, 5 Day Intro Alpine Course, June 2015

It was a great week! Huge thanks for Jonny for his amazing guiding during the week. I not only learnt a ton of new information through his expert instruction, but received a ton of great suggestions for other places to explore and build on going forward from the course. Plus, he was a brilliant leader making each day fun and enjoyable as well, and catered wonderfully to each member of our group’s skill sets and what we wanted to get out of the course. I’m stoked to build on what I learned during the week. Thanks Jonny!

Mer de Glace Mountaineering Training
Liz enjoying the ice climbing training on the Alpine Intro course in Chamonix, June 2018


Guillaume Krudener, Chamonix Intro Rock Climbing, June 2018

Wow, that was amazing. Climbing with Jon and Paul at Le Servoz and Vallorcine was a thoroughly enjoyable, educational awesome experience for me. I not only enjoyed the climbing, but also the conversation during dejeuner apres the climbing. Just incredible what they have accomplished !  I will have to see the films Everest (about the 4th time) again and  The Wildest Dream.

You could not have selected better instructor/ guides. It was a privilege and honor to be with them. If I have the chance to return to Chamonix…and if I can somehow get beyond the 5.4 level, I would so much like to climb with them again.

Job well done, Rob !  Your company, your guides, your integrity are awesome.

Chamonix rock climbing guide
Guillaume abseiling training at Servoz crag with the Fiz Range beyond, as part of a Chamonix Intro Rock Climbing day


Chamonix Rock Climbing & Gran Paradiso Ascent

Chamonix Rock Climbing & Gran Paradiso Ascent

Rebecca & Cliff, Chamonix Rock Climbing & Mont Blanc, June 2018
It was disappointing not to have done Mont Blanc bearing in mind we had been working towards it for a while, and conditions for making the summit seemed good.  But we simply needed more time to acclimatise, so it was a sensible decision.  Gran Paradiso was our first 4000m peak so that felt like an achievement in any case.
The climbing with Twid was fantastic. He’s a legend. And we learnt a great deal about trad climbing. We’re already planning a climbing trip to Wales….and we just remortgaged the house to buy a trad rack 🙂
Les Contamines Rock Climbing
Lead climbing coaching in Les Contamines with Trad Legend Twid Turner.
Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering Course

Chamonix Intro Alpine Mountaineering Course

Emma & James, June 2018
James and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the course. Johnny was a fantastic guide and we learnt a huge amount over the 5 days. We’d definitely recommend the Chamonix intro alpine course and Johnny to other people.
Please let him know that we’ve now based ourselves in La Clusaz for a few days to enjoy the cycling, climbing and hiking opportunities as per one of his many very handy recommendations.

All the best, Emma and James.

Swiss Alpine Mountaineering Guide
Climbing The Pigne d’Arolla on our June 2018 Chamonix Alpine Intro Course
Climb Mont Blanc – June 2018

Climb Mont Blanc – June 2018

Mark Moore, Climb Mt Blanc, 6 day Course With Gran Paradiso
We thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the Guides to be very knowledgable and generally struck a good balance between urgency and rest stops.  We found the huts to be great and despite being unplanned, the camping at Tete Rousse to be fine.
We will definitely use you guys again in the future.
All the best, Mark Moore
Mont Blanc
Very high on the ascent of the Bosses Ridge – Near the summit of Mont Blanc. Great conditions (and a very wide track!) mid June 2018
Climb Gran Paradiso 3 Day Course

Climb Gran Paradiso 3 Day Course

Paul Moore & Craig O'Leary, June 2018

Absolutely loved the Gran Paradiso course, I’m back home in Essex now sitting reminiscing looking at the photos reflecting on an amazing 3 days in the mountains with a fantastic group of like-minded fellow mountain addicts, It has been a dream of mine to climb Gran Paradiso for many years now and I have achieved that and so much more

We had perfect weather and snow conditions and Jonny was a fantastic guide really couldn’t have asked for better, I learnt so much from him over the course of the 3 days and he done a brilliant job of guiding us safely throughout, looking forward to climbing with Jonny and the rest of the your team again in the future.  Paul.

Glacier Travel Chamonix Walk
Gran Paradiso Team In Training On The Col du Geant, Glacier Trekking & Scrambling

I had a great time on the course, it was well planned and provided a great base to build on for future expeditions.  Craig.

3 Day Chamonix Alpine Intro

3 Day Chamonix Alpine Intro

Doris & Ben, Early June 2018
The course was extremely informative, and Dylan was not only great guide in transferring lots of the knowledge, but absolutely great company to be in.  Very patient and engaging, and greatly attuned to the group, I absolutely enjoyed every moment. On third day we climbed quite interesting and exposed ridge, and I valued a lot that Dylan guided us, as otherwise, I would perhaps never attempt to climb such areas.  It was rather unfortunate that three days were not longer. For the first time I got detailed explanation on various aspects of climbing, rope techniques, and crevasse rescue, and I feel now that my base knowledge is much more solid so I can work on getting more experience.  Doris.
Classic PD- alpine terrain on the easier section of the Aiguille d’Entreves, after a good glacier journey from Rifugio Torino

Had a excellent time with the situations given to us with weather and the mont blanc tunnel being closed. All the credit goes to dylan who made the experiance something to remember. A credit to your company. Im now looking foward to put all my learning into practice.

Thanks. Ben…
Gran Paradiso Ascent

Gran Paradiso Ascent

John Spencer, 3 Day Private Guiding, Early June 2018

With my 60th birthday fast approaching I wanted to tackle an interesting, yet achievable, peak. The Gran Paradiso fitted the bill and private guiding with Rob Jarvis delivered in every respect. The first day was a reminder of the limitations altitude can place on the unacclimatised body; a small price to pay for a gentle journey from the Skyway lift to the Aiguille d’Entrèves (3,604m).

Day Two was something of a revelation, some very enjoyable roped scrambling in the Chamonix Valley gave me the confidence I needed for the short but exposed summit ridge on the Gran Paradiso.

A night in the welcoming and superbly appointed Refugio Chabod preceded a dawn start on a sustained but not technical climb. Plenty of soft snow made it hard going – for me –  but otherwise the conditions were excellent. We had the summit, uncharacteristically, to ourselves. The return found the snow slushy and very heavy going. As usual, and thankfully, Rob retained his patient professional demeanour, with the walk below the snow line a delight amidst pine forest and wild flowers.

John on the summit ridge of Gran Paradiso in detiorating weather and lots of snow, early June 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable three days – to be recommended to anybody who fancies a 4,000m peak.

Cho Oyu Training & Summit!

Cho Oyu Training & Summit!

Sheena West, Expedition Training In Chamonix & Summit May 2018

Hi Rob. Back 10 days now and only just feeling normal again. But just wanted to say, without my trips to chamonix, I would never have made it. All rope work from Camp one onwards and coming down a lot of smooth blue ice. If I had not gained that experience I would have never made it up because I would have been too scared of coming down !!!

Training for the Himalaya Course In Chamonix
Sheena Climbs Cho Oyu 8188m. Congratulations. Training. Is. Performance Enhancing!
It was the hardest thing I have ever done and 10 times harder than I had expected !!
Training – An Amazing few days with High mountain guides training for Cho Oyu. Lots technical information received And, as requested, pushed to physical limits on Le Buet (trail-breaking!). Loved every minute of it and always felt safe. Thank you Rob, This was exactly what I was looking for.
Matterhorn Training Weekend In Snowdonia

Matterhorn Training Weekend In Snowdonia

Debi Gould, May 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was pleased with what I achieved. James is an excellent teacher and guide and most importantly I felt completely safe which has improved my confidence and encouraged me to continue. I consider myself very lucky to have had a one on one experience. Thank you and please pass on my thanks to James, and also Matt who was equally encouraging and knowledgeable.  Both made the whole experience really positive and enjoyable.
Matterhorn Training with superb scrambling in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia. Photo Matt Stygall
I’d like to progress further and to have some clear goals along a path of progression with a view to undertaking the Matterhorn next year….
Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Raina Lal, Chamonix Mont-Blanc-Training Weekend, May 2018
Thank you for your email and the feedback : ) It was a wonderful weekend and I feel I have learnt lots! I would definitely be interested in continuing and learning more technical skills and doing more technical climbs. I think you guys have given me the mountain bug: ). I will definitely update you re Mont Blanc. Have a wonderful week.  (See Below)
Mont Blanc Guide
Raina descending Mont Blanc after her successful summit climb in early June 2018, after a couple of productive Mont Blanc training weekends with us in May 2018. Training is indeed performance enhancing!
Early June 2018 Update – Just to let you know all went well last weekend : ) a picture on the way down. Will be in touch for Matterhorn training : )
Congratulations Raina & well done on both the great efforts in Mont Blanc training and a fine summit climb.
Spring Ski Mountaineering Summits Course

Spring Ski Mountaineering Summits Course

Hannah Vickers, May 2018
Really glad that we did have those early starts though since the easier days when we started later were actually pretty hard work under that mid morning/midday sun. Now I have an idea of how strong the sun is here in May I will never object to early starts again!
It was a great week, even though the weather went a bit mixed towards the end and we couldn’t do either the Dom or the Dufourspitze, but I am pretty used to having to switch plans to work around the weather, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected! I really enjoyed the booting up/down the Tour Ronde anyway, so it was a nice finish.  Thanks again for the hard work trail breaking and trip planning both in advance and during the week.
Late Spring Ski Descent Of Mont Buet, Great ski mountaineering conditions in mid May 2018
Keep me up to date if you get any more enquiries from other people wanting to do something similar!  Any takers for some more spring ski mountaineering summits next year – Ski Bernese Oberland perhaps!?
Jbel Toubkal (4167m) Training In Chamonix

Jbel Toubkal (4167m) Training In Chamonix

Caroline & Tove, Chamonix Mountaineering & Mountain Walking, May 2018

First, thank you thank you so much for taking the brief to help me prepare to climb Mt Toubkal and for arranging such a great weekend! Thank you for all the research and planning that went into the two days before we arrived to provide an experience of altitude and an ascent. We really appreciated the early morning debrief in a café and time to sort out the kit before we started each day.  The clear professionalism of your approach and ability to adapt to the changing weather conditions engendered great confidence. I am now back at my desk and reflecting on what we have done. The two days were so different – I find it hard to believe I have trekked at altitude across a glacier in awe inspiring conditions and experienced the rockier pathways above the tree line. I now have a real sense of what to expect and how to manage myself.  It has been a hugely exciting and very memorable two days!

Chamonix Mountaineering Training Course
Mountaineering From The Skyway Monte Bianco Lift As Part Of A Toubkal Training Weekend

Many thanks again for such a fantastic weekend and I would love to do more again.

Chamonix Off Piste & Mountain Skills Course

Chamonix Off Piste & Mountain Skills Course

Alex Cooper, Classic Course In Chamonix, March 2018

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what we now refer to as our ‘second best week skiing ever’ (the best week will always be the first week we learnt to ski!) We took some convincing to sign up as we weren’t sure about spending so much on a week of lessons but I’m so glad Fran convinced us as the course has given us so much new knowledge and skills that our ski holidays from now on are going to be completely different.

On the Saturday after the course we skied together and had a chance to put our route finding skills into practice. It was fantastic to be able to assess the conditions, look for the best snow and consider the safety of the bit of off piste we were looking at doing. To top it off we skied it with a new found style and confidence. I don’t have any constructive feedback as I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Hope to see you both again on another course maybe…

Off Piste & Mountain Skills Team Touring Above The Val Veny, Courmayeur, March 2018
Scottish Highlands Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Scottish Highlands Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Carlo Stocchetti, Fort William Mont Blanc Training, April 2018
Just wanted to say that the weekend lived up to all expectations. The location And scenery was stunning especially on Saturday on  Ben Nevis. Sunday on Stob Ban was  completely opposite with the wet weather but contributed to giving a real experience of the highlands and how quickly it can change.
Jonathan was great company and his experience and guidance were welcomed and added to the overall training, please pass on my appreciation. Loving the work on the snow with the crampons and the scrambling and rope work.
I have come back with a taste for more and will spend the next week considering plans for the future to continue my mountaineering journey, perhaps a trip in the Alps will be next. I will let you know when I have made a decision.  Finally thank you for the well organised trip from start to finish you have been always there to answer questions which helped with my planning and preparation.
Mont Blanc Training Weekned
Superb mountaineering position approaching the Carn Mor Dearg Arete On Ben Nevis
Ski Mountaineering Haute Route / Aosta / West Oberland

Ski Mountaineering Haute Route / Aosta / West Oberland

Hetty & Tom, Ski Mountaineering Week In The Swiss / Italian & French Alps, April 2018
Thanks again for a truly incredible week – it’s safe to say we are still both buzzing! Saturday night and Sunday morning were spent eating the majority of the patisserie in Chamonix whilst trying to fully absorb and recount everything we learnt over the course of the week.  I’ve just downloaded the photos – they are brilliant and an amazing momentum of the week. Thank you so much.
Although very briefly disappointed to not be going for Plan A due to sentimental reasons, your forewarning, honestly and knowledge (and general weather guru-ness!) made sure that there was never a moment I doubted we were going to have an amazing week. The variation of each day and skiing was superb and I think we both felt you pushed us the perfect amount. For me, the Balmhorn was a particular highlight – although I loved it all! On top of this was the amount we learnt – in a way not being able to go ahead with the original agenda taught us far more about how to plan, gather information and safely continue on our adventures. I have no doubt this will be invaluable for the future.
I’ll make sure we stay in touch, both Tom and I feel there is a lot more we would like to learn in the future and we’d be keen for more alpine and ski mountaineering adventures! In the meantime, I hope you finally get to enjoy some spring conditions!
Hetty and Tom entering the fine steep couloir ski descent from just above the Lammeren Hut to Lammerenalp, April 2018
Winter / Spring 2018 Ski Haute Route Training

Winter / Spring 2018 Ski Haute Route Training

Jen Kingwill, Intro & Intermediate Ski Touring & Haute Route Training, Jan-March 2018

Rob and high mountain guides played an instrumental part in my planning for skiing the Haute Route this year. I had not done any ski touring prior to this year, so the Haute Route was always going to be a challenge, therefor it was very important to me to get in as much training and familiarity as possible. Early on in our communication, Rob and I planned a couple of courses to make sure I’d get in enough training for the Haute route, from an intro weekend, to a 5 day intro week with an overnight in an mountain hut night and high mountain touring. I also wanted to focus on mountaineering as it features fairly regularly on the haute route, so Rob and I planned an additional weekend practicing mountaineering skills, which I was very grateful for, even though the weather was a complete white out. We were rewarded with a fun powder day in Italy on the last day though. 🙂

Rob’s communication, planning and attention to detail is second to none and my time with High Mountain Guides during this winter was invaluable. I’ m already looking at booking more courses with them for next year and I’ve definitely been bitten by the ski touring bug.

Jen descending the Aiguille du Midi snow ridge as part of crampon and mountaineering training for the Haute Route in April 2018
Chamonix Spring Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Weekend

Chamonix Spring Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Weekend

Austin Barham
Just returned home from Chamonix. Great weekend with Gav – mountaineering and rock climbing. I enjoyed every minute.
Thanks and regards
(Austin’s 7th weekend alpine mountaineering and rock climbing with us in Chamonix & Snowdonia
Chamonix Mountaineering Guide
Austin enjoying quiet and wintery conditions on the Cosmiques Arete in mid April 2018. Photo Gav Pike