Chamonix Alpine Intro Course

Chamonix Alpine Intro Course

Kate & Kacee, Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course In Chamonix Sept 2018
Kate and I are now back in Ireland.  I just want to thank you and especially Phil for the wonderful experience that we had. I for one will definitely cherish the experience. I learned and took a lot from the alpine intro course. We are now ready to face new challenges and climb more mountains. We will see you next year to join another course that will guarantee us of our independence in the mountain. Hopefully Phil will be available to do the course.
Thanks again!  Katriona
The Team climbing in the Monte Rosa Massif en route to the Parrotspitze…
Gran Paradiso Guided Ascent

Gran Paradiso Guided Ascent

Rickard, Joan & Neil, Gran Paradiso Private Guiding, Sept 2018
Thank you – we are very happy to have booked with HGM and done the Grand Paradiso, it was well over our expectations!  It was the perfect level of mountain for us too, as it pushed both physically and a little bit beyond our comfort zone, so we all picked up new experiences and knowledge for the next challenge.
Best of feedback to Robin too, he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, which alleviated any concerns & taught us new things, and he also had the insight to suggest the change of plan, which gave us a super weather day on the mountain and less stress to enjoy it.
I speak for all of us saying we’d highly recommend HMG and the GP course!  Kind regards, Rickard
Early Autumn Gran Paradiso Ascent with good conditions in mid Sept 2018
Climb The Weissmies Course

Climb The Weissmies Course

Blake Weyrich & Robert Vale, Weissmies Course, September 2018

Great time, Thanks for the follow up. Guides were great (knowledgeable, vigilant) all the things I like  which was appreciated. Kind Regards, Blake

Weissmies Course last day ascent of the Mittelruck. Drone image of the South Ridge just above the Sonnigpass, Photo Dylan Taylor.

Feedback on the course, I found it a great experience. The guides were excellent, very knowledgeable , friendly and patient.  It was also good the way Guy gave us some tips on scrambling technique (ie face out as much as you can) – you don’t always get this on mountaineering courses as often the instructors are too busy just getting everyone up the route.

Once again thanks for everything and I have some great memories to look back on.  Regards, Robert
Climb Mont Blanc Course

Climb Mont Blanc Course

Gary, Doris, Pete & Daniel, Climb Mont Blanc, Sept 2017
It was great week definitely, I loved it and had great company in mountains :D. I really hope we see us next season as well, Klemen and Chris did amazing guiding on Mont Blanc, I definitely owe this summit to their great spirit and very good pace, Doris
Really great Weissmies and MB trips (with the bonus Mittelruck in between). Excellent organisation and guides again. The Matterhorn training courses look good…Pete
Doris, Pete, Daniel, Gary & Chris on the summit of Mont Blanc – Sept 2018 and photo thanks to Klemen.
Great course – thanks for having me. I found the course and pre-information really clear and well organised. Klemen & Chris were terrific guides also – great mix of skills & personality, and obviously massively contributed to the success and enjoyment of the trip.  Daniel
Yes a great trip indeed and now back in not so sunny Scotland!!  Great photos. Already looking forward to another trip out next year!  Gary
Climb Gran Paradiso Course

Climb Gran Paradiso Course

Marta Skrzypiec, Gran Paradiso Ascent, Sept 2018

What a brilliant experience I had climbing Gran Paradiso with an excellent guide Andy Nelson and 4 other amazing and passionate alpinists. The trip turned out to be a great psychological and physical challenge, fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people, to socialize and get more ideas about future climbing opportunities. The whole course was organized fantastically, very professional service from the moment I arrived in Chamonix. I am looking forward to more trips with High Mountain Guides and highly recommend the company to anyone interested in climbing and/or mountaineering adventures

Gran Paradiso Team – Sept 2018 – En Route to the summit in good conditions

Thank you!

Chamonix Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course

Chamonix Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course

Dear Rob,

I just wanted to say thanks for organising the alpine intro course.

It all went well.

Phil did a really good job, particularly changing the ascent on the final 2 days due to poor weather at Gran Paradiso. (The Team climbed the Parrotspitze (4432m) instead in the Monte Rosa Massif.

It was a lot of fun and educationally very helpful,   The crag climbing day was very good, particularly practising prusiks and rescue set ups close to the crag.

Thanks again. Ben Jeffcote

Alpine Intro Team On The Parrotspitze Summit

John Vincent & Simon Bristow, Climb The Weissmies & Mont Blanc, Sept 2018
Thank you for facilitating another great adventure for us.
The programme, including Entreves and Weissmies before Mont Blanc, was perfect preparation.
Alberto, as lead guide and programme director, was brilliant. The balance of his relaxed style, fantastic capability, and care and attentiveness to others was a big part of what made the trip not only successful but also fantastically enjoyable.
Of course, the weather helped too!
I’m sure there will be future projects!
Thanks again, John
Well done team, summit of the Weissmies as part of a 7 day Mont Blanc summit programme.
Weissmies & Mont Blanc Ascents

Weissmies & Mont Blanc Ascents

Steven Wilkinson, Climb Mont Blanc Programme, Sept 2018
Whilst waiting for the ferry under a grey sky I have time to reflect on  a Superb 7 day Mt Blanc programme with Alberto & Robin. I know I also speak for John and Simon in expressing our huge thanks and appreciation for the thought and effort that you and the team put in to maximising our experience, enjoyment and success.
I would like to sing Alberto’s praises. Not only is he an impressively competent Alpine guide; he has been great company, really easy to get on with. His easy style belies an invisible knack of knowing when and how to push us and look after us all in equal measure at each stage of the programme. We all appreciated how much Alberto cares and thinks about the best way for us….although he doesn’t say so….he just makes it happen. For me, inspite of the perfect conditions, Mt Blanc was a massive physical challenge and Alberto’s care and support enabled me to reach the summit. Thanks Alberto for a great week
Setting off from the Gouter Hut on the ascent of Mont Blanc
I’m already missing the blue skies of Chamonix. I have learned so much in my short stay in the Alps and looking forward to returning for further challenges.  I wish you and the team the best of conditions at the end of the summer season and once again BIG Thanks, Steve
Ascent Of The Matterhorn Hörnli Ridge

Ascent Of The Matterhorn Hörnli Ridge

Richard Flint, Matterhorn Training Programme & Ascent, Sept 2018

Hi Rob, Forty eight hours on its finally sunk in and I must say what a superb job you did psychologically and physically getting me to the top. Your very nuanced preparation about what to expect where and when both beforehand at a large scale and on the mountain itself yard by yard made a massive difference to me. You somehow managed to get a naturally cautious person who was feeling genuinely apprehensive to keep moving steadily up and down, particularly in the down stage when the adrenaline had run out along with my energy. Your technical skill (even to the inexperienced) is obvious but your blend of attention to safety and your willingness to explain what’s happening and what needs to be done and to involve me in the decision making, even under pressured circumstances, was exceptional. So chapeau to you!!

Climbing The Matterhorn via the Hornli Ridge with Dent Blanche & WEisshorn Beynd
Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Eoin & Ken, Mountaineering & Mont Blanc 'Without A Guide' Training, Sept 2018
We had a great time. Jonny was excellent, very knowledgeable and good fun as well.
The altitude sickness was a good learning experience for me and reinforced the importance of good acclimatization.
I am looking forward to climbing with you again.
Regards,  Ken
Ken bracing for the fine steep scrambling and rock pitches on the ascent of the Aiguilles Marbrees with Jonny Baird leading the way.
Matterhorn Preparation Week

Matterhorn Preparation Week

Andrew Wills & Steven Seaton, Dufourspitze / Weissmies / Chamonix Mountaineering Week August 2018

We had a very active and enjoyable week and felt very lucky to have landed Robin as our guide (not sure he felt the same about us!)  Although we obviously didn’t get a crack at Dufour we had plenty of variety – all of which we were very happy with.   Our time on rock highlighted just how weak I am in my upper body and will look at improving on that between now and our next trip!!  We very much enjoyed Robin who obviously has a lot of experience and knows his ‘stuff’.  We would be very happy to be guided by him again.  The only minor disappointment was the lack of our promised ‘rest day’ although no doubt Robin will say we weren’t deserving of one!!

Steven, Andrew & Robin on the summit of the Allalinhorn having also climbed the Weissmies the day before.
Chamonix Rock Climbing Guiding

Chamonix Rock Climbing Guiding

Austin Barham, 7th trip, Rock Climbing Private Guiding
Hi Rob, Just to let you know I had great weekend with Gavin. ‎On Saturday, having regard to the indifferent weather conditions, we did the Crochues Traverse – made more interesting given the wet rock.
Yesterday we climbed  Mani Puliti (5b) and in the afternoon we headed back down to the valley and did some climbing on a rock face near Chamonix ( I forget the name) where I managed my first lead.
Enormously enjoyable and satisfying weekend – many thanks to you and Gav‎, as always.
Kind regards, Austin.
Chamonix Rock Climbing In The Aiguilles Rouges. Photo Gav Pike
Monte Rosa Mountaineer Course

Monte Rosa Mountaineer Course

Andy Ross, Chamonix Mountaineering Build Up & Gressoney Monte Rosa Trip, Aug 2018
Many thanks for a great week! Everything about the trip, from initial booking through to final peak, has been exceptional.  Stefano was an excellent guide who kept Carl and I going when we were close to running on empty. Sharing a coffee in margarita hut after that climb was a highlight and I’m already planning my next trip.
Another plus was sharing an evening meal with Christophe Profit at the Gniffeti hut.  You don’t get to do that everyday!

Descending the Ludwigshohe as part of the big summit day 4 on our 2018 course.
Lastly, by complete fluke our hotel overlooked the UTMB course so we have been able to sit on our balcony and enjoy some great racing.   Thanks again & see you next year, Andy
Monte Rosa Mountaineer Course

Monte Rosa Mountaineer Course

Carl Stevenson, Chamonix Mountaineering & Monte Rosa Course, Aug 2018
Just wanted so say thank you for a great week’s introduction to Alpine mountaineering.
I learnt so much from Stefano who was absolutely excellent. I’m also glad that my training paid off – Andy and I got to the Margarita hut without too much hassle and in a respectable time. I need to work a bit on my dodgy head for heights though (if that’s possible…). Stefano was great at pushing me when he knew that I was beginning to start bricking it!
Many thanks again for a great trip. Carl
The crossing of the Lisjoch, from Italy to Switzerland, on our 2018 Monte Rosa Mountaineer course.
Climb The Eiger – Training & Ascent Guiding

Climb The Eiger – Training & Ascent Guiding

Helen Harris, Climbed the Matterhorn with us in 2017 and Eiger in 2018

‘I have climbed the Eiger’! I still cant believe it!
I decided to attempt the Eiger after successfully climbing the Matterhorn with ‘High Mountain Guides’  last summer  and being very happy with the service provided.
I have to say that Rob at ‘High Mountain Guides’ and Mike (my excellent guide) both did everything in their power to help me achieve my goal. When the weather and booked out huts threatened to put a spanner in the works, together these guys hatched a plan and with a few changes everything came together nicely.

Helen climbing the South Ridge of the Eiger en route to the summit. Monch & Jungfrau beyond.

I highly recommend High Mountain Guides. They will do their utmost to make your dreams come true!’

Chamonix Private Guiding – Aiguilles Crochues & Entreves

Chamonix Private Guiding – Aiguilles Crochues & Entreves

Max Osterhaus, Chamonix Mountaineering Day & Hut Trip, August 2018
I had a wonderful time and appreciate the work you put into getting the trip organized. We had a very diverse group of abilities and interesest, but I think we all got a lot out of the experience and were able to push ourselves while feeling safe the whole time. The equipment was great and I don’t think anyone had any problems with it.
Robin and Thor were both very capable guides. They had to do some re-evaluation of the plan once they got to know us and I think they made good decisions about what was doable. With my interest in plants I was hoping they would know a bit more about the living side of the alps, but I understand that was not their role.
If you want a more succinct soundbite: “Rob did a fantastic job of planning every detail of our trip and providing the highest quality guides and gear. I’d recommend High Mountain Guides to anyone who wants to get into the mountains with someone who knows what they’re doing!”
The Mont Blanc Massif from the Aiguilles Rouges across the Chamonix Valley
Torino Hut Mountaineering & Vallee Blanche Traverse

Torino Hut Mountaineering & Vallee Blanche Traverse

Louise, Matt, Alison and Rob, Chamonix Alpine Training, August 2018
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting us in touch with Gav Pike, we all had a great time recently out exploring from the Torino Hut and we all had an incredible time!
It’s the second time I’ve booked though yourself and from start to finish it’s been fantastic. My sister in particular has grown so much in confidence since this trip and is raring to upskill and get back out there next year, and I’ve been motivated to sort out getting my ML course done here in the U.K..
Thanks so much Rob,  Warm wishes and have a great rest of the summer.
Louise & Team on the summit of the Aiguilles Marbrees with the Dent du Geant looming above…for next time!
Chamonix Alpine Mountaineering School Group

Chamonix Alpine Mountaineering School Group

Chris Wright, Giggleswick School, 3rd Visit In July 2018

This was my forth trip with Rob and third time taking a group of school pupils with HMG. Each time, we tweek and improve the schedule and this year was no exception. With Rob’s eye for detail and thorough planning, the 12 pupils aged 14-18 all had a truly amazing experience including the Aiguille Tour,; harder routes on the Tete Blanche; Marbree ridge; Entreves traverse ; topping off the trip in the Cosmique Hut and routes on the Pt Lachenal; Cosmique Arete & Arete Laurence. A smashing 9 days with some great rock climbing at Les Contamines. I thoroughly recommend Rob for planning and guiding your adventure, whether it’s a gnarly North face or gentle glacier traverse. The guides that he employs are all first class professional mountaineers who interact well on a personal level too.

Jonny leads the Giggleswick School team back up to the Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix
Snowdonia Rock Climbing Guided Weekend

Snowdonia Rock Climbing Guided Weekend

Peter Little & David Edwards, July 2018

Steve was great; knew what he was doing, was patient and supportive, and great company. All in all it was a truly memorable couple of days.  As ever, the professionalism of you and your company make you my only choice when it comes to guiding. I’ve recommended you to other friends who have also used you/your guides and say the same thing.

Guide for Rock Climbing in North Wales
Climbing on the Grooved Arete, The Classic V.Diff on the East Face of Tryfan, Snowdonia. Photo, thanks to Steve Long. 

Thanks again for a great experience and look forward to having another adventure with you again soon.

Climb Mont Blanc Training

Climb Mont Blanc Training

Vincent & Martha, Chamonix Mountaineering & Mont Blanc Preparation, July 2018
hello Rob
We summited Mont Blanc on the 24th July.
Thanks you for your wonderfull Mont Blanc training for us.
Vincent and Martha
Father & Daughter team alone on the summit of Mont Blanc. A fine ascent after lots of mountaineering & fitness training plus good acclimatisation. The way to do it!