Chamonix Intro Ski Touring Weekend

Chamonix Intro Ski Touring Weekend

James Carr, Ski Touring Weekend, Megeve & St Gervais, Jan 2019
Thanks for this Rob and also for a great weekend. It was a lot of fun to ski with you all.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot so just signed up for the February weekend.
Have fun
Our January Intro Touring Weekend course enjoying the powder above St Nicholas de Veroce on the Contamines side of Saint Gervais / Megeve resort.
Chamonix Guided Ski Touring Day

Chamonix Guided Ski Touring Day

Stephen Wass & Gordon Dalgarno, Ski Touring At Combloux, Jan 2018

Many thanks for the photos and a good day out, it was highly enjoyable.  Rob found the location and the conditions for a fantastic day tour in what had proved to be a really thin & icy Chamonix Valley. Good conversation and helpful information throughout made for a really enjoyable day.  Thanks,  Stephen

‘Powder Touring Patrol’ at Combloux, early January 2019, some great fresh tracks to be had…

I’d second everything Stephen had said,it was a fantastic day, just what I was hoping for. Gordon.

Alpine Mountaineering Training Day Snowdonia

Alpine Mountaineering Training Day Snowdonia

Mathew Davies, Matterhorn Training Day, October 2018

Hi Rob/Calum

I had a terrific day thanks, going just the right amount outside my comfort zone to feel pushed but not finishing up a nervous wreck! Calum was great company and gave me total confidence.

I will be in touch again, either for the Matterhorn training weekend or a similar guided day.


Matt climbing on little Tryfan as part of his private guiding & Matterhorn training day in North Wales. Photo Calum Muskett


Mont Blanc Training Weekend – Snowdonia

Mont Blanc Training Weekend – Snowdonia

Dariusz, Private guiding & training for Mt Blanc ascent, October 2018
First all of thank you for the training course with Andy – an amazing and experienced guide that was able to make my first real mountaineering baby steps to be a right proportion of fun and challenge (despite very rainy second day 🙂  ).
Please keep me posted on opportunities for Gran Paradiso & Mont Blanc courses.  Thanks again for the opportunity to get familiar with mountaineering equipment and techniques with a great guide in the beautiful setting of Snowdonia.
Dariusz enjoying the superb scrambling and positions on the Snowdon Horseshoe. Photo Thanks to Andy Teasdale – the Mountain Photography Company 
Snowdonia Matterhorn Training Weekend

Snowdonia Matterhorn Training Weekend

Howard Mayo, Matterhorn Training Course, October 2018

Thank you for organising the Snowdonia Matterhorn training weekend.  I had a fantastic time with my climbing partner, Debbie and our guide Ric Potter. Even the weather was great.  Our guide, Ric had a great way of explaining everything, clear and easy to understand. He inspired confidence in our equipment, our ability and our trust in him. He really showed us everything we needed to know, watched and corrected where necessary and praised where it was due.
I would certainly recommend Ric to anyone thinking of going on this course. Once again, thanks to yourself and Ric for a fantastic weekend and looking forward to the Scotland Matterhorn training weekend.

Debi & Howard Matterhorn Training
Matterhorn Training Course North Wales

Matterhorn Training Course North Wales

George Lisher, Llanberis Matterhorn Training Weekend

I had an excellent weekend. Rock climbing in big boots was new for me. It was good to learn some new techniques such as moving together. The weekend was great for my motivation. Before I started my drive home on Monday morning I even made a quick ascent of Snowdon!

I was very impressed with Callum. He is clearly an excellent rock climber. He was very enthusiastic and wanted to share his knowledge, experience and advice throughout the course.  I look forward to visiting the Alps next Summer to climb the Matterhorn….Regards George

Big boot rock climbing on little Tryfan, Ogwen Valley, as part of our October 2018 Matterhorn Training weekend. Photo Calum Muskett
Matterhorn Training Weekend – Snowdonia

Matterhorn Training Weekend – Snowdonia

Rami, Debi & Phil, North Wales Matterhorn training weekend, October 2018

I had a really good weekend and in addition to being really good guy Andy was a fantastic guide and really helpful and gave good advice.  Phil

‘Terrific weekend out, our guide tailored the entire course to our skill level, taught us a great deal, and pushed us right to our limits the whole time. Could not have been more fun’  Rami 

Debi & Howard enjoying the big boot rock climbing & scrambling in Snowdonia on the Matterhorn training weekend in Oct 2018

Another good weekend. Thank you. Debi

Autumn Gran Paradiso Ascent

Autumn Gran Paradiso Ascent

Gio Rosafio, Gran Paradiso Open Course, October 2018
Thank you very much Rob for this amazing experience, It has been my first 4000! Gav and Thor have been great guides as well.  I’m looking forward to new experiences like this one with High Mountain Guides.
Some fresh snow, chilly early autumn weather but good conditions for our October 2018 ascent. Monte Viso far left hand skyline.
Gran Paradiso Course Autumn 2018

Gran Paradiso Course Autumn 2018

Rob & Gary Siddal, Climb Gran Paradiso Team Course, Early Oct 2018
Just wanted to let you know that Rob and I had a great trip on Gran Paradiso. It certainly lived up to the expectations and was memorable given the winter conditions.  Thor and Gavin were sound guides and provided excellent knowledge and great experience.  You have two very satisfied customers who hope to do more in the future.
It was a learning curve having to cope with the altitude and we now realise the kind of fitness levels we will need to reach in the future.  We are going to take some time out now for a few weeks and assess our performance levels and what we can realistically achieve in the next two years. The Matterhorn is on the list but we need to get much fitter and sharpen our technical skills.
Thanks for a great trip, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Rob & Gary
The team en route to a fine summit climb of the Gran Paradiso in October 2018. Monte Viso just visible on the far R hand skyline
Chamonix Alpine Intro Course

Chamonix Alpine Intro Course

Kate & Kacee, Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course In Chamonix Sept 2018
Kate and I are now back in Ireland.  I just want to thank you and especially Phil for the wonderful experience that we had. I for one will definitely cherish the experience. I learned and took a lot from the alpine intro course. We are now ready to face new challenges and climb more mountains. We will see you next year to join another course that will guarantee us of our independence in the mountain. Hopefully Phil will be available to do the course.
Thanks again!  Katriona
The Team climbing in the Monte Rosa Massif en route to the Parrotspitze…
Gran Paradiso Guided Ascent

Gran Paradiso Guided Ascent

Rickard, Joan & Neil, Gran Paradiso Private Guiding, Sept 2018
Thank you – we are very happy to have booked with HGM and done the Grand Paradiso, it was well over our expectations!  It was the perfect level of mountain for us too, as it pushed both physically and a little bit beyond our comfort zone, so we all picked up new experiences and knowledge for the next challenge.
Best of feedback to Robin too, he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, which alleviated any concerns & taught us new things, and he also had the insight to suggest the change of plan, which gave us a super weather day on the mountain and less stress to enjoy it.
I speak for all of us saying we’d highly recommend HMG and the GP course!  Kind regards, Rickard
Early Autumn Gran Paradiso Ascent with good conditions in mid Sept 2018
Climb The Weissmies Course

Climb The Weissmies Course

Blake Weyrich & Robert Vale, Weissmies Course, September 2018

Great time, Thanks for the follow up. Guides were great (knowledgeable, vigilant) all the things I like  which was appreciated. Kind Regards, Blake

Weissmies Course last day ascent of the Mittelruck. Drone image of the South Ridge just above the Sonnigpass, Photo Dylan Taylor.

Feedback on the course, I found it a great experience. The guides were excellent, very knowledgeable , friendly and patient.  It was also good the way Guy gave us some tips on scrambling technique (ie face out as much as you can) – you don’t always get this on mountaineering courses as often the instructors are too busy just getting everyone up the route.

Once again thanks for everything and I have some great memories to look back on.  Regards, Robert
Climb Mont Blanc Course

Climb Mont Blanc Course

Gary, Doris, Pete & Daniel, Climb Mont Blanc, Sept 2017
It was great week definitely, I loved it and had great company in mountains :D. I really hope we see us next season as well, Klemen and Chris did amazing guiding on Mont Blanc, I definitely owe this summit to their great spirit and very good pace, Doris
Really great Weissmies and MB trips (with the bonus Mittelruck in between). Excellent organisation and guides again. The Matterhorn training courses look good…Pete
Doris, Pete, Daniel, Gary & Chris on the summit of Mont Blanc – Sept 2018 and photo thanks to Klemen.
Great course – thanks for having me. I found the course and pre-information really clear and well organised. Klemen & Chris were terrific guides also – great mix of skills & personality, and obviously massively contributed to the success and enjoyment of the trip.  Daniel
Yes a great trip indeed and now back in not so sunny Scotland!!  Great photos. Already looking forward to another trip out next year!  Gary
Climb Gran Paradiso Course

Climb Gran Paradiso Course

Marta Skrzypiec, Gran Paradiso Ascent, Sept 2018

What a brilliant experience I had climbing Gran Paradiso with an excellent guide Andy Nelson and 4 other amazing and passionate alpinists. The trip turned out to be a great psychological and physical challenge, fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people, to socialize and get more ideas about future climbing opportunities. The whole course was organized fantastically, very professional service from the moment I arrived in Chamonix. I am looking forward to more trips with High Mountain Guides and highly recommend the company to anyone interested in climbing and/or mountaineering adventures

Gran Paradiso Team – Sept 2018 – En Route to the summit in good conditions

Thank you!

Chamonix Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course

Chamonix Intro To Alpine Mountaineering Course

Dear Rob,

I just wanted to say thanks for organising the alpine intro course.

It all went well.

Phil did a really good job, particularly changing the ascent on the final 2 days due to poor weather at Gran Paradiso. (The Team climbed the Parrotspitze (4432m) instead in the Monte Rosa Massif.

It was a lot of fun and educationally very helpful,   The crag climbing day was very good, particularly practising prusiks and rescue set ups close to the crag.

Thanks again. Ben Jeffcote

Alpine Intro Team On The Parrotspitze Summit

John Vincent & Simon Bristow, Climb The Weissmies & Mont Blanc, Sept 2018
Thank you for facilitating another great adventure for us.
The programme, including Entreves and Weissmies before Mont Blanc, was perfect preparation.
Alberto, as lead guide and programme director, was brilliant. The balance of his relaxed style, fantastic capability, and care and attentiveness to others was a big part of what made the trip not only successful but also fantastically enjoyable.
Of course, the weather helped too!
I’m sure there will be future projects!
Thanks again, John
Well done team, summit of the Weissmies as part of a 7 day Mont Blanc summit programme.
Weissmies & Mont Blanc Ascents

Weissmies & Mont Blanc Ascents

Steven Wilkinson, Climb Mont Blanc Programme, Sept 2018
Whilst waiting for the ferry under a grey sky I have time to reflect on  a Superb 7 day Mt Blanc programme with Alberto & Robin. I know I also speak for John and Simon in expressing our huge thanks and appreciation for the thought and effort that you and the team put in to maximising our experience, enjoyment and success.
I would like to sing Alberto’s praises. Not only is he an impressively competent Alpine guide; he has been great company, really easy to get on with. His easy style belies an invisible knack of knowing when and how to push us and look after us all in equal measure at each stage of the programme. We all appreciated how much Alberto cares and thinks about the best way for us….although he doesn’t say so….he just makes it happen. For me, inspite of the perfect conditions, Mt Blanc was a massive physical challenge and Alberto’s care and support enabled me to reach the summit. Thanks Alberto for a great week
Setting off from the Gouter Hut on the ascent of Mont Blanc
I’m already missing the blue skies of Chamonix. I have learned so much in my short stay in the Alps and looking forward to returning for further challenges.  I wish you and the team the best of conditions at the end of the summer season and once again BIG Thanks, Steve
Ascent Of The Matterhorn Hörnli Ridge

Ascent Of The Matterhorn Hörnli Ridge

Richard Flint, Matterhorn Training Programme & Ascent, Sept 2018

Hi Rob, Forty eight hours on its finally sunk in and I must say what a superb job you did psychologically and physically getting me to the top. Your very nuanced preparation about what to expect where and when both beforehand at a large scale and on the mountain itself yard by yard made a massive difference to me. You somehow managed to get a naturally cautious person who was feeling genuinely apprehensive to keep moving steadily up and down, particularly in the down stage when the adrenaline had run out along with my energy. Your technical skill (even to the inexperienced) is obvious but your blend of attention to safety and your willingness to explain what’s happening and what needs to be done and to involve me in the decision making, even under pressured circumstances, was exceptional. So chapeau to you!!

Climbing The Matterhorn via the Hornli Ridge with Dent Blanche & WEisshorn Beynd
Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Mont Blanc Training Weekend

Eoin & Ken, Mountaineering & Mont Blanc 'Without A Guide' Training, Sept 2018
We had a great time. Jonny was excellent, very knowledgeable and good fun as well.
The altitude sickness was a good learning experience for me and reinforced the importance of good acclimatization.
I am looking forward to climbing with you again.
Regards,  Ken
Ken bracing for the fine steep scrambling and rock pitches on the ascent of the Aiguilles Marbrees with Jonny Baird leading the way.
Matterhorn Preparation Week

Matterhorn Preparation Week

Andrew Wills & Steven Seaton, Dufourspitze / Weissmies / Chamonix Mountaineering Week August 2018

We had a very active and enjoyable week and felt very lucky to have landed Robin as our guide (not sure he felt the same about us!)  Although we obviously didn’t get a crack at Dufour we had plenty of variety – all of which we were very happy with.   Our time on rock highlighted just how weak I am in my upper body and will look at improving on that between now and our next trip!!  We very much enjoyed Robin who obviously has a lot of experience and knows his ‘stuff’.  We would be very happy to be guided by him again.  The only minor disappointment was the lack of our promised ‘rest day’ although no doubt Robin will say we weren’t deserving of one!!

Steven, Andrew & Robin on the summit of the Allalinhorn having also climbed the Weissmies the day before.