Private Guiding

Booking Procedures Contact us to confirm dates and a suitable course / itinerary Check the price details Check the terms and conditions (including mountain participation statement, repeated below) Place an […]

UK Mountaineering

Equipment List for UK Scrambling & Mountaineering Courses General Clothing – Loose fitting comfortable clothing to cover both warm and cold days. Thermal wicking base layer and a couple of […]

Scottish Winter Mountaineering

Kit List for Winter Mountaineering & Climbing Bring this list on your course as a daily kit check before departure. It’s a long way to walk in to the North […]

UK Mont Blanc & Matterhorn Training Weekends

If you are heading off to the Alps next summer season, consider enhancing your enjoyment, efficiency and summit chances on that trip with some UK based mountaineering and fitness training before you go. […]

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