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The 'Mission' Summer 2012

High on the ascent of Mont Blanc

If you are looking for a tough physical challenge in the mountains this summer check out our July 2012 'The Mission' course....and start training, hard, whilst you're about it...

The theme of the challenge is to climb the 3 highest peaks in the Alps, Mont Blanc, the Monte Rosa and the Dom. With a few days at the start to train and acclimatise the path then continues from Italy to France and on to the Swiss Alps. The path is long, steep and tiring!

This 12 day challenge is not for the faint hearted (or weak legged) and only those with a high level of fitness and stamina need apply. However if you are keen to step up to the challenge please read on:

The Mission

Climbing the three highest peaks in the Alps in one go is a superb mountain challenge. It is also a very tough and highly physical expedition. You will need high levels of fitness, determination, mental and physical endurance as well as good weather, conditions and a bit of luck... more>


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