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Keep up to date with the latest alpine mountaineering conditions in and around the Chamonix Valley with our new Chamonix conditions blog. We will aim to keep this updated throughout the following summer alpine season. Follow the link below to the page and please contribute to theses communal conditions reports by adding a comment (via the 'New comment' button at the base of the page) if you... more>

A snowy winter and spring is giving excellent ski touring conditions on the high mountains and glaciers of the Bernese Oberland, Swiss Alps. May can give highly contrasting conditions in the mountains and indeed we experienced all weather conditions from warm & summery to winter blizzard. The Oberland also has a variety of styles of ski mountaineering styles from genuine ski - to the sum... more>

If you are looking for a tough physical challenge in the mountains this summer check out our July 2012 'The Mission' course....and start training, hard, whilst you're about it...

The theme of the challenge is to climb the 3 highest peaks in the Alps, Mont Blanc, the Monte Rosa and the Dom. With a few days at the start to train and acclimatise the path then continues from Italy to Franc... more>

"To be as BRAVE as the people we help."

That is the phrase that underpins 'Shire' employee John Carney's alpine climbing challenge in aid of the charity '500 Miles'.

John's Chamonix No... more>

1st April 2012, Spring in the Argentiere Air

Continuing fair weather saw ski touring teams on nearly all the classic ski tours above the Argentiere Glacier today. Teams were enjoying classic spring conditions on the Cols Passon, Chardonnet, Tour Noir & Argentiere. Teams were heading up the Glacier de Mileau and another team skied t... more>

This months Mens Fitness Magazine features an article by London based U.S. journalist Henry Wismayer describing 10 Mountains 'Any Man Can Trek'. The point is to demonstrate that a lot of the world's famous 4000m peaks do not require expensive technical equipment or even, in some cases, much mountaineering experience. Muztagh Ata wou... more>

We now have a special section of the website dedicated to reporting accurate current ski conditions in Chamonix's Vallee Blanche. Click that link to read the latest comments or, if you have recently skied the route, from either the French or... more>

1st April 2012, Spring in the Argentiere Basin Air

Various teams out enjoying the alpine ice on the north faces and sun kissed rock on the south / west faces above the Argentiere Glacier today. Although the Ginat route on Les Droites North Face has been climbed recently there was no one on the face today. The two big neighboring North... more>

Please use this page as a reference for Chamonix based off-piste and ski touring conditions for the winter 2011/12 season. Add your own ski conditions comments via the link at the base of the page.

24th February Chamonix Ski Touring Season...

Warm, sunny and dry weather have been giving a sp... more>

The amazing autumn period of stable, dry sunny weather here in the Chamonix Valley is ending today. For the first time in over a month, the summit of Mont Blanc has disappeared behind gathering thick cloud and strong south westerly winds are whipping up even the old, dry snow surface. And, yes, wait for it....Yes, fresh snow is on the way! The much awaited 'Or Blanc' is forecast to arrive th... more>