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early season Mont Blanc / alpline climbing trip

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Philip Anstey

Thursday 07 June 2012 5:58:48 pm

Trip: 5 days around the Mont Blanc massif with ultimate goal to summit
Experience: Rob is an extremely talented guide and I was very impressed by his ability to keep the trip's goals, a great experience and most importantly our safety all at the highest priority. A large storm ended out dropping loads of snow us on our way up Mont Blanc; despite there being no realistic change to summit the following day Rob was still happy to break trail and make a go for the next refuge should I have wanted to push forward. There is nothing I would change about my experience on the trip (outside of what mother nature did) with Rob- he put together a fun and challenging alternative day elsewhere on the mountain to make up for us having to turn back due to the weather.

After hearing about the trip with Rob one of my coworkers has already booked a trip of his own. I plan to return to Chamonix for 'round 2' with him a bit later in the season.

Rob, thank you for a great trip, looking forward to the next one!